mardi 11 juin 2013

the start of everything

As a child I always wanted to become a midwife. I love babies and I think birth is the most beautiful thing in the world, in life!
When I entered High school I started to chose my way by selecting MPI, an option that would guide me into the Scientific section of High School. But at this very moment I didn't know that something very special was going to change my life and all my projects, forever...
One day I received a magazine with lots of info about being "au pair" abroad, and I said to my mom "when I'm done with high School I wanna do that". But I had not imagine I had just signed the begining of an incredible adventure.
In fact from this moment on, my mom argued that if I was going abroad for a year after High School it would be too much hard to come back and start studying Medecine which is one of the hardest field of study in France. She said that no one would be here to help me get back into studying, and that if I wanted to go abroad the best moment was now.
Imagine the situation; I was only fifteen, I had just entered the last three years of High School and until a few days before, I had never ever imagined going abroad for such a long time.
So I thought about it and I realized it was a very good idea but I was absolutely not ready to leave for so long, and we started to look for an exchange program for a trimester. But the French Scholar System and complicated and studying in an english speaking country is not recognized in France; in other words, if I had gone one trimester I would have to do that whole year again.
So the next idea was to leave for one year ok, it had entered my mind and I was quite ready to do it, but, in England, because it was close and I could come back visit France whenever I wanted. But a new obstacle came up; in England, all schools are private and it costs 10.000€ to study there for an entire year. WHAT?? It was absolutely impossible for my parents to pay for that, and I realized at that moment that I was really sad of the "direction" this project was taking. This is when it stroke me; I really wanted to do it!
At this point, I never let go of this project! I was going to do it no matter what, I had to find a way to go. With the help of my english teacher I found an organization "ROTARY" which was an orga giving the opportunity to young students under 18 to go study abroad for an entire year. I had to fill in a file explaining my motivations, describing my background, I had to have several copies of my grade, letters of recommendations from teachers and the director of the school! My first country choice was the USA!! It was a huge thing that I put myself into and nothing ever came to stop me, except when my mom told me "You know you are not allowed to come back during the year, so it means, not even for Christmas". Tears came down my cheeks as I thought I didn't want to be away for this special moment that is Christmas, and it was the first time I thought of backing down. But my mom, said another powerful thing "do you even remember what you did for Christmas two years ago? That Christmas that you will spend in the US you will never forget it"
So off I went! Within two months I had decided to go and I had the answer that my application was received. In february I knew that 6months later I was going to live with an American Family in Fantastic COLORADO, in a small town called Brighton.
And from there it all started, my life, me ... and here is my story
If you want to take a look at my experience there, here is my old blog that I wrote during the year

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